The Beginning of my Photo Journey

I’ve always been in into taking pictures.   This pic of me from maybe summer 2000, I had my camera that I took everywhere (kinda like I do now).  At this time the camera was likely out of film and I was just pretending to take pics lol, but passion has to start somewhere.


When I started taking it Seriously

So I know this is a huge jump in age for a story but, I maintained a love for photography growing up. The first pic is from elementary school, when I was in middle and high school I was more into music but I still had to have the latest digital camera for some new gimmick or feature.  The photo here is from 2019, by now, I had picked up graphic design, and photo retouching/manipulation. Around that time one of my friends Durdi Doug wanted to make some music videos and said we don’t have to pay anyone we can do this ourselves, and I was like yeah we could. Then he brought a camera(The camera I’m wearing in the pic) and I shot my first music video. It was pretty good for a first attempt, but needed some work. From there I just started learning more about photography and videography and taking more pictures and shooting more videos.


I shoot concerts, portraits for artist, I record shows for artist, worship services, I also do family photoshoots.   I like to shoot portraits with emotions, I don’t really like posed pictures. I like to capture people being themselves. I shoot landscapes, cityscapes, cars (I’m a car guy too) and whatever catches my interest. I love a challenge, I like getting to do different experimental photos and compositions and playing with lighting.

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